In the recent past, USA - based ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) awarded Bangladesh a BB- for a long term in credit rating, which is well over Pakistan and Sri Lanka in South Asia. Bangladesh is a developing nation and it is one of the fastest growing emerging economy in the world & Asia. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recently said the Bangladesh economy is comparable with other growing economy of the world (Such as: India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri-lanka and etc.). The geographic location, cheapest labor availability, vast population (approx 160-170 Million) & increasing consumer buying power, last 10 yrs continuous 6-7% economic Growth, advance sea port, Billions USD$ remittance income (12 Billion approx in 2010) and high export income and etc. are helping Bangladesh to grow faster than before. Bangladesh gradually decreased its dependency on foreign grant and loan from 85% (In 1988) to 2% (In 2010) for its annual development budget. Its per capita income in 2010 was US$641 compared to the world average of $8,985. But, if purchasing power parity (PPP) is taken into account, Bangladesh's economy is the 44th largest in the world at US$257 billion according to the IMF. Bangladesh is striving to become a middle-income country. By 2035, its population could reach 200 million, and the capital Dhaka, the second fastest growing city in the world, is on track to be home to 50 million by 2050.

Bangladesh has seen expansion of its middle class (world's Fifty Forth largest, just below of Singapore & Vietnam), and its consumer industry has also grown. Goldman Sachs named Bangladesh one of the "Next Eleven", along with Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam and seven other countries.

The above Bangladesh Economic scenario is a real fact and it shows the possibility of enhancing the numbers of all Air travelers both get IN & OUT (Business, First Class and Economic class) in near future. In Bangladesh, to ensure a good market stake MAS management along with the GSA need to develop proactive Marketing and Sales plan in order to raise the yearly sales revenue. ABDA & its promoters are confident that if MAS appoint ABDA as a GSA in Bangladesh, ABDA will ensure reaching the yearly sales target given by MAS and make a success of this venture.

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