ABDA is a group of companies which is focused on socio economic aspects and perform as an indispensable catalyst in the relationships between our business associates and clients.

Finance & Banking
  ABDA has investments in its associate company south pole financial service Pty. Ltd. which plays a vital role in finance and banking sector.
Share / Stock Market
  ABDA has extensive investment in the blue chips shares of the Bangladesh Stock Market especially he has huge investment in the shares of AB Bank Ltd, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd., IFIC Bank Ltd., Uttara Bank Ltd., National Bank Ltd., Bank Asia Ltd., Mutual Trust Bank Ltd., Eastern Bank Ltd, NCC Bank Ltd., City Bank Ltd., Al-Arafah Bank, Fidelity Assets, Premier Leasing, Sumit Powers, Jumana Oil, Megna Petroleum, Bata Shoes and etc.
Real estate & Apartment Developments
  ABDA (Australia Bangladesh Development Associates) has a diverse portfolio of assets across the country, both residential and commercial developments and keen to create a cosmopolition environment to make a better living across the nation.
Education & Immigration Consultancy
  ABDA is providing its education and immigration consultancy service bthrough its sister concern ABEC (Australia Bangladeh Education Consultants). ABEC is a modern dynamic educational consultants firm providing high quality consultancy in an environment that encourages prospective students & migration clients to achieve excellence in their future studies & carrier. Quality conseling, outstanding facilities and services are central to ABEC's counseling facilities.
  www.abecedu.net (Official Web Site)
Garments and Textile Manufacturing & Distribution
  ABDA has its own design and production capabilities to produce various garments for men, women and children. The demands that our customers place we supply means that our garments have to be both comfortable to wear whilstalso providing the best in terms of garment manufacturing. Recently ABDA aquired major stock of the fashion brand Provocator in Australia which is doing business worldwide.
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Agriculture Industry

The soul purpose of ABDA agricultural business is to enhance Bangladesh agritultural productivity. ABDA is an integrated company engaged in development, testing, registering, marketing, sale and distribution of high quality agro chemicals, fertilizers and agricultural related products in Bangladesh. It was founded as an expansion and diversification of the mother company ABDA

Import-Export & Trading Businesses.
  ABDA provides varity of services for Bangladesh and international importers and exporters. We act as an advisor focusing import-export indenting and also do import and export business through our sister concern Bangladesh International Trade Development Company. We have expertise in export and import industry. We aim to expand the volume of import and export through adding the varity of products and services in the import exaport trade. we are commited to quality and value added services to our business partners.

ABDA always believe in value addition and take our corporate relation very seriously. We endlessly endeavor to take our relationship to the next level and become a partner for mutual growth. ABDA always committed to its associates and partners in terms of maximize the revenue generation and sales by using Our (ABDA) Social, Corporate, Political, Government and Business Networks.

We are sure, with the bright economic growth of South Asia (Continue avg. 6-7% Growth in the last 10 yrs) ABDA is able to make a most of its ventures successful.