ABDA (Australia Bangladesh Development Associates) has a diverse portfolio of assets across the country, both residential and commercial developments and keen to create a cosmopolition environment to make a better living across the nation. We are finalized several major residential projects in Dhaka and currently focusin on a major commercial project opposite the country's largest shopping mall (Bashundhara City) which will be built in collaboration with China.

The soft caress of comfort lulls me to sleep and the ocean awakens me. That is where my heart is, and I wonder if I am awake
or dreaming.
The finest in the world to has been used build my home. Draped in a cloak of comfort I look around and think, this is my space, this is where I belong!
As the fish swim to greet me, I open the door to serenity. I step inside alone, only to find myself transported into an island of luxury!
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ABDA has its own design and production capabilities to produce various garments for men, women and children. The demands that our customers place we supply means that our garments have to be both comfortable to wear whilstalso providing the best in terms of garment manufacturing. Recently ABDA aquired major stock of the fashion brand Provocator in Australia which is doing business worldwide.

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ABDA have extensive investment in several service and product oriented businesses through its sister / associates companies including Finance & Banking, Stock Market,
An Australian, USA, UK and Canadian Immigration and Education Consultants, which is the Executive and Visa Facility Committee member of Bangladesh Association of Professional Australian Education Consultant ( BAPAEC ), an Executive Committee member of Bangladesh International Education Consultant Association (BIECA) the only two associations supported by Australian High Commission ( AHC ), Department of Immigration and Citizenship ( DIAC ), Australia, Aus-Trade in Bangladesh, British High Commission & British Council, Bangladesh. ABEC represent more than 100 educational institutions of Australia, USA, UK and Canada including many public universities of Australia (Such as: University of South Australia, Edith Cowan University, Curtin University of Technology-Sydney and etc.), 47 Universities & Educational Institutions of USA (Such as: Long Island University, James Madison University, Alfred University and etc.), 21 Universities & Educational Institutions of UK (Such as: Lancaster University,ISC, Huddersfield University,ISC, LIBT, Brunel University of London and etc.) and 02 Universities of Canada. Beside all of the above universities ABEC also represent the biggest Two (02) education Brands in the world Known as NAVITAS and STUDY GROUP . ABEC has sent approximately 15000 students and Hundreds of skill migrants to Australia, USA, UK and Canada since 1998. ABEC is top most brands in Immigration and Education services Industry in Bangladesh. ABEC is a member of Australia Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ABCCI).

We (ABDA) are focusing on mainly developing country's various agricultural aspects from importing seeds to implementing green technology in terms of cultivation and growing corps.

Growing plants and seeds through green house is one of our many steps when it comes to modern day agriculture.

We have expertise in export and import industry. We aim to expand the volume of import and export through adding the varity of products and services in the import exaport trade. we are commited to quality and value added services to our business partners.

Herbal Medicine & Cosmetics is one of our major areas of import and export values

We have our several projects ongoing on various sectors including EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION, & SHARE AND STOCK MARKET.