Australia Bangladesh Development Associates (ABDA) is a joint venture group of companies presently doing business in Australia, India and Bangladesh with great success. ABDA have extensive investment in several services and products oriented businesses through its sister concerns / associates companies in the following businesses sectors

Finance & Banking
Share / Stock Market
Real estate & Apartment Developments
Education & Immigration Consultancy
Garments and Textile Manufacturing & Distribution
Agriculture Industry
Import-Export & Trading Businesses.

Presently, the managements of ABDA are investing in more diversify businesses and opening up more business windows. Some of the new businesses sectors ABDA is investing extensively (along with its existing above mentioned businesses sectors) are:

Aviation, Travel and Tourism sector.
Getting involves in the Tourism and Hospitality business sector of Bangladesh along with Bangladesh Government in a Private and Public Partnership (PPP) agreement.
Medical Tourism sector with a view to set up a Joint Venture (‘JV’) hospital in Bangladesh with its Foreign associates.
Power generation and Power / Energy Saving businesses.
Fertilizer Importing with a view to setup Joint Venture (‘JV’) Manufacturing plant in Bangladesh.
Getting into Shipping lines, Cargo and Freight Forwarding business.
Mobile & Telecommunication
Herbal Medicine & Cosmetics

ABDA is directly involves for the economic growth of Bangladesh. We perform as anindispensable catalyst in the relationships between our business associates and clients. We always believe in value addition and we take our corporate relation very seriously. We endlessly endeavor to take our relationship to the next level and become a partnerfor mutual growth.