The management of ABDA believes on the Corporate Social Responsibilities and therefore presently running the following social works:

We are providing monthly educational stipend to students from Class One (01) to Class Ten (10) (Primary & Secondary Level) at Schools around villages in Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria District. This helps the poor families to carry their kids’ education and thus enhance the country literacy level.
ABDA Management Allocate funds for JAKAT (Muslim religious funding for Poor) to perform many social activities, Such as:

a) Provide funding in order to help poor male kids (Age between 01-17 male children's) to do necessary operation at Hospitals to do Khatna.

b) Giving fund to maintain OLD HOME facilities for Poor and Rural areas OLD peoples at Dhaka & Gajipur District.

c) Distribute Cash funds to poor and needy families to start small businesses, develop or repair houses, cultivate lands, procuring medicine and etc. This is helping to empower the poor and thus helping the nations.

d) Funding poor Families to helps their young girls to get married.

And many more………

Sponsor social clubs, sports clubs and many other clubs to organize tournaments (Such as: School Foot ball tournaments, Cricket Tournaments, Chess Tournaments and etc.).

Funding Orphanage around Dhaka City.

Providing fund for developing Mosque and Prayer Zone.

ABDA Managements have a Trust Fund account where a certain amount of profits are deposited to contribute the funding for poor & needy farmers and poor business personals from rural area of the nation.