The Promoters / Share holder Directors of ABDA have huge Business, Social, Political, Financial and Banking networks in Bangladesh. The share holder Directors have came from a very well reputed family background. Eight (08) of the closest family members including the Chairman of ABDA Md. Ekhtear Hassan Milon had fought in the 1971 Freedom war (out of them Five had died) of Bangladesh, which helped Bangladesh to be born as a free country & as a free Nation. This is why the promoters of ABDA family is very highly respective and well connected in the country.

The Chairman of ABDA Md. Ekhtear Hassan Milon was one of the major organizers of the 1971 freedom war of Bangladesh (Muktijodho) as well and was the Founder Vice President of Youth Party of Awami League which is the present government party of Bangladesh. Recently, he has been awarded Mother Teresa Gold award, Bangladesh Freedom Award, Dr. Mohammad Sohidullah Award for his contribution to Bangladesh as an organizer of 1971 Bangladesh Freedom war (Muktijodho). Many of his political followers are present Parliament Members (MP) and Minister of present government.

The Managing Director (Md. Iftekhar Hassan Tarek) and Director (Md. Ikthedar Hassan Murad) of ABDA are both Australian Permanent Resident and completed their Masters of Business Administration ( MBA ) from Edith Cowan University (ECU) in the year 2001 . They have enough knowledge & skills and have well connection in International Business arena / network.

The Present Bangladesh Government Prime Minister (Hons. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) nephew Barrister Sheikh Tapos , who is also a Member of Parliament ( MP ) is the Legal Retainer of the company ABDA. Also, Couple of present Justices of Supreme Court & High Court is also family members of the promoters of ABDA. As a member of the Family, these Justices also provide necessary advice if require.

Family members of the promoters of ABDA are also holding full, addition and joint secretary position and also Director General (DG) positions in the present Government ministry and they also provide necessary support if require.

The present government senior ministers and many influential Members of Parliament (MP) are well connected with the promoters and director of ABDA. The promoters of ABDA have great relationship with the present government of Bangladesh. The promoters also have great network with opposition party leaders as well. So, whoever will form the Government, ABDA promoters will have their connection and influence.

The Business networks of ABDA and its promoters are very strong both in services and products oriented sectors. ABDA is presently representing (member of) many business associations including Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Australia Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce& Industry (ABCCI), America Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) and etc.

ABDA promoters are also holding several clubs membership such as like Member of Abohani Club (The biggest Cricket, Football and Hockey Club) and etc. This also helped ABDA to develop Social business networks.